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A Career as a Brewer (JTJS52010)

A Career as a Brewer (JTJS52010)

Harrison Edwards from Manurewa High School is pretty excited to get an opportunity to go behind the scenes of one of New Zealand's most iconic breweries, DB Breweries to find out what's involved in a career as a brewer. Under the guidance of senior project brewer Natasha O'Brien, Harrison is first given a lesson on the different malts that are processed to produce different styles of beer. Natasha explains that the starch from the malt is converted into sugar and shows Harrison the test used to establish if the conversion is complete. It's just one of the scientific processes used during the creation of beer. Harrison experiences further aspects of the brewing process and discovers Natasha has found her way into the industry via an engineering background. Sciences and engineering are useful subjects and for Natasha, after completing her degree, she took on a brewing cadetship with DB Breweries. Having found out about the process of making beer, Harrison then heads to the packaging area where staff development co-ordinator, Chris Heketoa, explains the four production lines used at DB. The packaging process involves bottles, cans and kegs and an incredible 23,000 bottles of beer per hour are produced on the bottling line. With plenty to think about, Harrison may just have found just the job for him. Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at Click the subscribe button to be notified when we have new videos on line. Good Job Hunting!
A Career as a  Canvas Fabrication Technician (JTJS52010)

A Career as a Canvas Fabrication Technician (JTJS52010)

Jessica Coogan-Reeves is off to Canvasland in Levin where everything from trampolines, awnings and boat pontoons to children's bouncy castles, goal post protectors and even huge inflatable dogs are designed and manufactured. It's an industry where whatever the client wants can pretty much be done. So the company has created some spectacular one-off products and is proudly a 'can do' innovative business. Jessica gets a first-hand look at the process involved from taking the client brief to the end product. She joins canvas fabrication technician Michael Atwood as they head off to meet a client who requires a new set of goal post protectors. It's a crucial first step in the process of creating exactly what the client needs so communication and attention to detail right from the first meeting are vital. With the brief and dimensions in hand, Jessica's back to Canvasland to meet with the product designer who will used a computer assisted design programme to draw up what's required. From that programme, a computer controls the cutting machine to create the pattern for the protectors. Jessica then takes on the challenge of sewing up the design to make the end product. A great job for those with initiative and who are good at problem solving and have an interest in design, the Motor Industry Training Organisation (MITO) offers apprenticeships to study towards a National Certificate in Motor Industry Industrial Textile Fabrication with a strand in Canvas Fabrication. Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at Click the subscribe button to be notified when we have new videos on line. Good Job Hunting!
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