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If you are a New Zealand career seeker or careers advisor then this is the website for you!  There are nearly 300 career videos arranged under their vocational pathway headings.  Just click on the drop down headings and see what's there.   

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We have produced 22 new Career Specific DVDs for Careers Advisors.   The index can be viewed and downloaded here.    We have also added Career Advisor Resources to the website which contains a wealth of downloadable PDF files which will be very useful for the classroom and for career seekers. 

COMING SOON IN SEPTEMBER….  New and updated complete Just the Job programmes.  3 different career stories per programme presented by Clinton Randell.  Available on this site and on our Just the Job YouTube channel for you to watch when you want to watch!

To get you started why not check out "How to Get Your Dream Job" a special programme aimed at young career seekers ?  The video is here   

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